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Updated 1/13/16.

  Welcome to my website for enthusiasts of Aeronca Aircraft. The website contains information and links for pilots, owners, and restorers of these fine classic airplanes.


  This is my Aeronca 7AC, N1642E purchased in 2012.  It features a Continental C-85-12F, "stroker" crank from the O-200, Micro Dynamics vortex generators, and a Skytec electric starter.


This is the 1946 Aeronca 11AC Chief, N86176, that I owned from 1999, the year it won "best in class" at Oshkosh, until December, 2012.

  • Aeronca N1642E - I have a Champ again! Photos and adventures.   Added 5/22/12, Updated 12/2/14.
  • Aeronca N86176 - The Chief I owned from 1999 through 2012. Photos and adventures. Updated 1/3/13.
  • Aeronca N82782 - My first Aeronca was a 7BCM Champ.  Photos and history. Added 5/4/07, Updated 12/8/09.
  • Aeronca Links and Resources - sources of information, parts, and materials for Aeronca enthusiasts. Updated 9/23/14.
  • Aeronca Photo Gallery - photos of nice Aeroncas from around the world.  Archives 2000-2008 Updated  1/13/16.
  • Aeronca Technical Information - tech documents and maintenance tips - including oleo strut overhaul, tach drive seal replacement,  and brake adjustment.  Also find here an alternative method of compliance for the wing spar AD on the 15AC Sedan. Updated 9/6/14.
I'd enjoy hearing from anyone who shares an interest in Aeronca (or Stinson) aircraft.  I especially welcome comments about corrections that are needed, whether they be in content or style. E-mail me at: john (at) hangar9aeroworks.com.

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