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 Hangar Sale
New 11/9/2004; Updated 4/11/15.


Welcome to my Hangar Sale page where I will be "cleaning out the hangar" and offering (mostly) aviation items for sale here.

Over the years, I've collected a number of interesting aviation items for old taildraggers.  It's time to clean out the hangar! 

Items For Sale: (send me an email)

Stinson Parts

Because of major health concerns, I decided to sell my Stinson project.  This was a tough decision, because so much of my life has revolved around my hobby involving Stinson aircraft.  But... I have to be realistic and practical.  It's also a sad but true fact that a project such as mine was worth more as individual pieces than as a whole lot, so I parted it out.  For those who have followed my progress on the project, you know there were many new or carefully restored parts.   While I have sold most of the parts, I still have some nice items left. These items go fast, so don't hesitate.  Unless otherwise noted, all items below are for a Stinson 108-3, though some parts are universal to the entire 108 series.  Check your parts book to be sure.

  • Stinson Channel Assembly - Rear Panel Support, Part # 108-8992008.  From my 108-3 project.  This is the support for the top of the rear "woody" panel on the Station Wagon models. Primed with Stits epoxy primer, ready to install. Click on photos for a larger view.  Univair price is $42.89.  My price is $21.50 plus shipping.


  • Stinson Oil Sump Drain tube, valve block, drain valve and fittings.  From my 108-3, in good condition. Here are the major components for the firewall mounted oil quick drain, standard equipment on the 108-3, as illustrated on page 76, figure 35 of the Stinson Parts Manual.  Click on the photos for a larger view.  I bought a new drain tube (part # 108-6201011-6), and the 45 degree elbow (AN844-12D) from Univair a few years back.  The valve block (part #108-6201013) and the 90 degree elbow (AN844-12D) were on the plane when I bought it.  The same is true for the Curtis drain valve used in place of the unavailable original Stinson valve.  This is the complete setup for the firewall mounted drain with the exception of the hoses, clamps, and U-bolt. Univair price for all of the parts shown adds up to $263.22.  My price for everything is $98.50  plus shipping.  Price Reduced!


  • Stinson Lower Windshield Support Extrusion, Part #108-3001300-12.  From my 108-3, in good, clean condition.  Has aluminum filler in the center hole that was oversized from a windshield cover snap. I don't believe this part is available from Univair - one of those unobtanium items.  Click on photos for larger view.  My price is $65 plus shipping. Price Reduced!

  • Stinson firewall heat tube flange.  This is the stainless steel flange used for the heater duct work.  From my 108-3 project.  Clean, perfect, ready to install.  My price is $17.95 plus shipping. Price Reduced.

  • Stinson Parts Assortment #2.  Used parts from my 108-3.  Includes the control panel connector plate that fits behind the throttle (108-3032022-10),  a vertical stab center hinge fitting (108-2611012), a pair of elevator horns (108-2201006), a vertical stab fairlead and the lower vertical stab spar-to-attach bracket plates.  Click on the photo for a larger view. My price is $17.50 for the collection plus shipping.


  • Stinson 108-3 Fuel Tank, Left Side, 25 Gallon.  This is the left fuel tank from my project.  It is in good condition, with no dents or cracks.  I experienced no leaks with this tank when my plane was flying.  It will need to have the paint stripped from the top surface.  The original fuel cap  and drain valve are included, but the sender and vent are not.  Click on photos for a larger view.  My price is $525 plus shipping.  Price Reduced!

  • Stinson Vertical Stabilizer Rib.  Part # 108-2312050-14.  Original from my 108-3.  I disassembled my vertical stab because of a cracked rear spar.  I  cleaned all the parts but never did get to the reassembly.  This rib is in excellent condition. Click on the photo for a larger view.  Univair price is $52.38 My price is $24.50 plus shipping. Price Reduced!

 If you have questions about the items for sale, feel free to contact me.  E-mail me here.

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