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About Hangar 9 Aeroworks
This page created December 1998
Updated 12/31/2013


Hangar 9 Aeroworks is a personal website created to celebrate sport aviation and promote resource and information sharing among airplane enthusiasts.  It was "established" in December of 1998.  The name comes from the fact that I once rented  hangar number 9 at the Frederick Municipal Airport, in Frederick Maryland.  I'm now located at a private airstrip in Virginia where I built a new "Hangar 9."  I hope the information contained here will be helpful and entertaining to others who share my interests in sport aviation in general and Stinson and Aeronca airplanes in particular.

Hangar 9 Aeroworks is not a commercial enterprise. Like my other aviation activities, I do this for fun. The small amount of revenue generated by advertising on the website helps to offset some of the increasing costs of the website.  Donations are welcome.

I should also mention that Hangar 9 Aeroworks is in no way affiliated with Hangar-9, the company that makes radio control model aircraft.  Hangar-9 has some neat stuff - so if you are interested in radio controlled model aircraft, by all means visit Hangar-9 at:  http://www.hangar-9.com/

This website was initially created in December 1998 using Netscape Composer, with technical assistance from my (then) twelve-year-old daughter Joanna, the original self-taught webmaster in the family.   Joanna has now graduated from college and is a fashion illustrator and designer in New York City. For many years I've been using Microsoft FrontPage as my HTML editor. As of September 2016, with the help of my daughter, I am upgrading to a more modern web editor, Blue Griffon. 

Finally, I must mention that I can assume no responsibility for how information on this website is used.  While I try my best to provide accurate information for aviation hobbyists, this website is in no way an official source of aviation information.  It is based on my own experiences and I think it may be helpful and entertaining, but I am not an FAA certificated mechanic.  Use at your own risk.  Always follow FAA (or your country's) regulations and, where appropriate, have your work supervised by an FAA certified mechanic.

If you have comments about the website, feel free to contact me.

                      John Baker, January31, 2013
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